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Administration of Shares:

You buy shares or investment units after you become a member of ICFAL at any time. You can redeem shares equivalent to $5000 or less per month at any time. A greater amount needs one-month notice to ICFAL. Large share redemptions may be processed in multiple instalments depending on the fund availability. Please contact ICFAL for more clarification.

To invest, you need to become a member by simply filling out an application form and send it along with a copy of your passport and driving license to ICFAL either by email to or by mailing to Suite 12, 55 Phillip Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150. Please note that there is a one off membership fee of $100 applicable and purchase of 5 shares (1 share = $100) is required to open the membership account with ICFAL. Please call 1300 024 325 for more information.

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