Hajj Fund account has been designed to help faithful members to save fund along with higher dividend over the months or years in order to be financially able to perform Hajj. This is a potentially long-term fund account where Instead of paying interest, ICFAL offers Dividend, potentially $1 per share higher than ordinary transaction account. However, the member may redeem shares with notice as per Share Redemption Process guide at any point of time without losing dividend for the period the shares have been held. Each member is limited to purchase share units of any amount, but higher dividend will be applicable to a maximum of $10,000. Members are not encouraged to redeem shares from this account unless urgently required.

Fine Prints:

  • APR percentages: 0% Non interest (Islamic) product.
  • Transaction Fees: Nil (One-off fee of $100 for lifetime membership)
  • Interest rates: Non-interest (Islamic) products.

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