Sustainable Investment In Uncertain Times- Drought, Bushfire And The Covid- 19

We’re living in unprecedented times. The global coronavirus pandemic may be causing a lot of anxiety and stress for people across Australia. As infections grow globally, people are quite rightly worried about the wellbeing and safety of their friends and family, as well as their future livelihood. In Australia, the

6 Points That You Should Know About Icfal

Who is ICFAL? Islamic Co-operative Finance Australia Limited (ICFAL) was founded in 1998 as a co-operative aiming to promote Interest (Riba) free and Sharia’h compliant investment and finance opportunities in Australia. Since inception ICFAL has become a leading Islamic Finance provider in Australia by offering Sharia’h compliant finance & investment

Managing Your Super Fund In Ethical And Halal Way

Everyone wants a financially secured future, whether it’s for your children’s education or your retirement. In Australia, one of the best and most popular arrangements in place to provide you with an income stream after you retire is the superannuation fund. As a Muslim, how do you manage your Super

How Can Islamic Finance Help You in Australia’s Current Economic Environment?

The land down under is currently in the clutches of one of the worst economic slowdowns. Based on reports by the Treasurer of Australia, Josh Frydenberg, Australia is currently at its lowest economic point since the year 2009. Economic growth stands at 1.8%. With GDP in the negative, people across

Children Education Fund

The significance of Children Education Fund: Is it worth it?

Here are answers for every question you might have regarding Children Education Funds! Bonus: Tips to help you plan like a professional! Introduction There’s no denying the fact that you want your children’s future to be secured and hassle-free, don’t you? At first, it is all about you but after